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Footnight time again!

It's less than a week until the next Seattle Footnight, and I'll be there with boots on!
Since it's so popular among the models, I'll be showing up late (10 pm instead of 8 pm) to make room for some of the newbies. Will I be seeing you there?
I officially love keeping somebody in chastity. It really is a very extended form of foreplay. So much fun when you have the right partner, no?

As you can probably guess, I've been ridiculously busy with school and side projects. I'm on Yahoo a little more now, though it's definitely sporadic, and I may be creating some new content this weekend if I have the time. As always, feel free to email – mistresschesh@yahoo.com – as long as you're polite and patient. I'm sure I can come up with some sort of use for most of you.


I have to admit, I'm pretty greedy sometimes. I got a couple really good solid attachment point smounted in bedroom, but now I want more. Of course, the ceiling isn't cooperating – the joist that's pretty much perfectly located for a second set is also live, due to the lighting fixture, and I don't really want to have to rip open the entire ceiling just to install a couple of giant eyebolts. So I guess I'll have to settle for what I've got. Maybe I'll see if I can't get somebody to fabricate Me a couple of bars or a small rig for faking having the set I want.

Other things on the “want want want” list:
Feeldoe (at least the Slim and Original, would prefer the Stout and/or More as well)
Impression Paddles from the Stockroom (Pig and Slut, most likely)

If wishes were horses, of course. Right now, My bigger priority is finishing paying off My loans and saving up a down payment on a new car. Though I may just splurge on all of this as a reward once those goals are taken care of.
Yes, I have disappeared again for quite a while. And yes, I am sorry to those pets who have been neglected in the interim. I have been busy with school, quite unsurprisingly, and I have also lost interest in dealing with entirely online BDSM. Simply put, it was fun while the novelty lasted, but I really prefer the visceral and more intimate nature of real-life play and servitude. This isn't to say I'll never talk with pets online or turn on My NiteFlirt line or post here – I'm simply admitting that this isn't where my primary interests and passions lie, so it will be an entirely occasional and “as the mood strikes Me” sort of thing. It is much more difficult for Me to exert the control that I crave in an online setting; verification requires many more steps and far greater effort on My part, and I don't even get the reward of being able be there, to feel, to hear/see/smell/taste, to have total control over exactly what My pet is experiencing. All of My control is focused through the willingness of the pet, and I have only found one or perhaps two out of the two dozen or so that I have encountered who do not wheedle/whine/beg/cheat/skimp/wimp. The reward is simply not worth the effort, unfortunately.

So, in Seattle? Visiting Seattle? Want to set up a session or just meet up for coffee/drinks/shopping? Send a respectful email with what your contact details, what you're looking for, and whatever else you feel is relevant. Do remember that I'm not an escort and I follow the law; asking for illegal activities will result in a warning, and a second offense will result in a block. If you wish to have any contact outside of a public space, a professional phone number and email and/or references must be provided – this information will be kept confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than verifying your details in an entirely discreet manner.

Still desperately wish to serve and can't make it to Seattle soon? Email Me. We may be able to establish an email relationship with regular contact and assignments, provided that you are reliable and can provide documentation of assignments done. I spend more time with My email than I do on IM, so this is the most convenient for Me.

Minor update

I've been crazy-busy with school lately, so I haven't really been doing *anything* with My online pets. Most of them are either quietly biding their time or have quietly disappeared, though I have to imagine that many of them will come crawling back once I have the time to post here regularly. Especially once new photos start appearing, you just won't be able to keep yourselves away, will you? All the more reason for Me to start finding local photographers, really. I've got tons of the usual webcam shots, but I'm saving them up for a little project.

So what have I been up to? The usual research, reading, writing, more research, going to meetings, taking classes, going to seminars, trying to find enough time in the day to sleep, and even the occasional party. I'm also ramping up my training again, as it's only 3 months until the triathlon season starts and I want to be in killer condition by then. So most of my time that isn't spent working is going to be spent in the gym. Any of you suckers want to pony up for a waterproof case and headphones for My iPod Shuffle? Save your pennies and I might be convinced to send you some awesome pics of Me wet and working out. . . (I'll be saving my dollars for a new bike, new running shoes, and a triathlon wetsuit.)

And on the idiot wanker front, I just got the best email from the wanker's boss:

I'm delighted to announce thanks to yourself the company has gained a prosecution of two years imprisonment.

Many Thanks,


Oh fuck yes. The vibrator and I spent a lot of quality time together after I received that little message. Yum. I've updated the pdf with the whole story to include that last lovely tidbit, check it out for yourself.

Going clubbing

I'm putting together an outfit for heading out to the Noc-Noc tonight - so psyched! It's so easy to get neck-deep in schoolwork and forget to go out and have a good time. But screw it, I deserve to have a good time. And I've got some adorable dance sneakers that have been terribly neglected for ages. So out they come, it's time to party!
I'll update once I've decided on a very hot outfit.

Nov. 8th, 2009

Yes, I've been neglecting all you poor pets. NiteFlirt has been screwed up for so long that I've pretty well lost patience with waiting for it to suddenly pop up and fix itself. I've been signing on less and less since it got broken during the architecture switch, and since that means that I've been making less money through NF, that means that I'm less inspired to sign on. Its a vicious cycle. And no, before you ask, I do NOT have any plans to reupload content so that it is beta-friendly. With my current ISP, upload speeds are ridiculously slow and so content uploads take absolutely forever. I don't see the need to bother if I have always gotten the majority of My cash through direct calls and doing it will guarantee that I have to reupload everything once they finally get the new platform up and running. (That is, if they ever do.) I'll probably still be on occasionally, but only when I both have time and have a deep desire to play. I'm getting that need met in real life more often now, so don't hold your breath, boys.

The state of the Goddess

The little tokens of leotarded's affection just keep trickling in. I just got a pair of tights that are so sexy – tomorrow's outfit is going to be berry tights, black high-heeled loafers, a tight black skirt, and either my white button-up or berry sweater. . . still haven't decided. I will look fantastic, maybe I'll even post a little picture for all you little lurker boys.

Unfortunately, the little puppy's budget is no match for My acquisitive urges. I keep seeing things and thinking of things that I want to have, cute socks and nice shoes, more leotards for workouts and more clothes for looking fly, new undies for My panty drawer. As always, I know you lurkers are there, checking My wishlist incessantly, refreshing this blog daily. It's time you paid the toll and got Me something nice – I'm thinking some of those leotards that the puppy hasn't snapped up yet, I can use a few more now that the weather's colder. Speaking of leotards, it's so fun to workout in one and just watch how the boys gazing at the ignore cam go stupid. It's impressive how quickly their IQs drop to new lows and their lower brains steal all the blood flow. One more freak introduced to the joys of figging, more cute satins for Me, and some fun for everyone.

And I got to spend a little time with m, an on-again off-again local painslut. Watching his ass turn flushed then pink then bright red, leaving white scratches all over his back, listening to him cry out and moan and beg for more. . . it was a very good evening. I left a couple welts, but no bruises – he asked Me to go much harder on him next time, so I'm going cane shopping very soon. I'm also going to try out forked weighted tongues on the next flogger I construct, it's quite fiddly to put together but very worth the effort from what I've been told. Now I just have to track down some buckshot, gut, and leather glue.

Oct. 14th, 2009

The Saga of the idiot wanker is all written up – those of you blackmail fetishists who just have to have all the details can go here:

I also went on a little shopping spree for fragrances this weekend. I was just going to go with Versace Signature for Women, but when I was wandering around Victoria's Secret I found Sexy Little Things Noir which is absolutely delish. And it's in the cutest little bottle.

They look so nice on My dresser, don't they? And better yet, they layer together pretty damn well. (Both are based on vanilla, amber and oriental woods, with fruity mid and top notes, so while I wouldn't wear them both at once, it's easy to switch between them from day to night). I keep sniffing My wrists, they smell so wonderful. And the boy? He's been all over Me whenever I wear the Sexy Little Things Noir - we've been having a very good time between the sheets.

I bet at least one of you is going to go out and buy them so you can spray them on something and try to imagine what I smell like. Pathetic. It's like how all the boys into household service always beg to be allowed to do My laundry. That's the closest you'd ever get, and you'll never even get that unless you blow Me away with your service.

Between the perfumes, a new dress, a new sweater, some excellent froyo, school supplies, and some hair products, I may have gone just a touch over budget. No matter, these things always sort themselves out. Oh, and there's some cute new pictures I added to My yahoo group, available there and there only. At the moment, only one pet has access, so the rest of you need to step up your game. Just uploaded? Some cute feet pics with My new dress. Pictures I'm about to take? Jeans and a very shiny new leotard. F-ing sexy.

Too much fun

  • 19:10 And just made a new button to sell idiot wanker's story & profit from it. I love My life! #



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