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Oct. 14th, 2009

The Saga of the idiot wanker is all written up – those of you blackmail fetishists who just have to have all the details can go here:

I also went on a little shopping spree for fragrances this weekend. I was just going to go with Versace Signature for Women, but when I was wandering around Victoria's Secret I found Sexy Little Things Noir which is absolutely delish. And it's in the cutest little bottle.

They look so nice on My dresser, don't they? And better yet, they layer together pretty damn well. (Both are based on vanilla, amber and oriental woods, with fruity mid and top notes, so while I wouldn't wear them both at once, it's easy to switch between them from day to night). I keep sniffing My wrists, they smell so wonderful. And the boy? He's been all over Me whenever I wear the Sexy Little Things Noir - we've been having a very good time between the sheets.

I bet at least one of you is going to go out and buy them so you can spray them on something and try to imagine what I smell like. Pathetic. It's like how all the boys into household service always beg to be allowed to do My laundry. That's the closest you'd ever get, and you'll never even get that unless you blow Me away with your service.

Between the perfumes, a new dress, a new sweater, some excellent froyo, school supplies, and some hair products, I may have gone just a touch over budget. No matter, these things always sort themselves out. Oh, and there's some cute new pictures I added to My yahoo group, available there and there only. At the moment, only one pet has access, so the rest of you need to step up your game. Just uploaded? Some cute feet pics with My new dress. Pictures I'm about to take? Jeans and a very shiny new leotard. F-ing sexy.


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