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Gorgeous. Redhead. Goddess.

come down the rabbit hole with Me

5 March 1982
I was lucky enough to be born female and to be able to pull off being a redhead (no it's not natural, but I fake it damn well). I've been having lots of fun bending a couple of lucky boys to My will, and I'm now looking for a few new playthings. My experience is nowhere near as extensive as I'd like, as the fun that I can have is limited by the limits of my current playthings (one a sweet little footslut, one a tease and denial fetishist).

I'm not terribly interested in drive-by fetishists; I would really much prefer to be able to establish a few in-depth relationships with a few darling subs. you should always feel free to contact Me and see if O/our interests align. Do understand that I don't do this entirely out of a desire for My own twisted pleasure (and certainly out of any "goodness" of My heart). More attention from you (in the form of tributes and services) results in more attention from Me.
My Amazon.com Wish List
I also have a few other wishlists for foot fetishists, those who wish to contribute to My dungeon, and others.

And yes, while I am a rather sweet person in some ways, I can be twenty different kinds of vicious, especially to those who desire it. It's like what they always say, be careful what you wish for.

If you want to talk, maybe you can catch Me here!
(now to see if I respond.)