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My D&D group (4th ed) is over today - I'm still getting used to the rules of the new edition, but that doesn't stop Me from spending a trickle of mental energy fucking with your heads.

Since NF is *still* half-down and in beta, the call button for My ignore line isn't working, so just click this link: http://beta.niteflirt.com/listings/show/9349334#

I don't feel like spending time holding your little hands, so only YIM is up for ignore cam - that ID is the same as My journal handle.

Oh, and I'll probably be creating a financial domination line soon. I feel the need to brag a bit about the plight of the idiot wanker. he keeps complaining to Me, and I keep getting to use it for updates. Have to take some more hot photos first, though. Somehow having sexy photos of Me makes the boys go dumb.


OK, so it's probably old news to most fashionistas, but this dress?

Makes Me hot! It's just so, so, so. . . yum!
Lots of couture and semi-couture out there that I like I can actually replicate, since the ones that grab me are usually all about the draping and the tailoring more than some crazy fabric or wild hard-to-find details. Hell, I could probably replicate this one if I could (1) find a fabric that worked, (2) had a dressmaker's dummy instead of just Me, and (3) had the whole weekend to get those dolman sleeves just so and the cowl neck to drape properly. Maybe I'll call it fashion inspiration for future seasons and future projects.
But yeah. Unf. This dress makes Me wet, seriously.

Anybody wanna get it for Me? *laughs*
Hell, if you got it for Me, I'd even give you My cell phone number, no further hoops required! *snerk*

Damn, this will teach Me to go looking for Paris Fashion Week slideshows. Alexander McQueen was amazing, and Chanel was pretty cute - amazing shoes, some very cute looks. Chloe was kind of hit and miss for Me - some of them felt very flat in photos, though they were apparently amazing in person. And there's definitely a few Stella McCartney looks I'll have to check out. But oh, McQueen. The dresses were amazing, so sculptural and rich. Maybe I'll get a houseboy and teach him to bead and embroider - it's like a sweatshop but with labor that's happy to be exploited!

Mailing tributes

Well, I've finally gotten Myself a PO box. Now that I'm close to the post office (as opposed to 1.5 miles downhill from the nearest one), I've decided to give it a shot. It makes receiving packages *much* more convenient, and it lets Me publish an address for those little love letters and paper tributes.
Don't disappoint Me, or it may disappear again.

P.O. Box 95985
Seattle, WA  89145

For those who don't know My name (most of you), address things simply to Boxholder or C. L.
It makes things much easier.

Too much fun

  • 18:24 idiot wanker fired and in police custody. Today is good. #



Well, the idiot wanker ignored My demands at his peril. I'll be interested to see what he yells at Me for "ruining his life."
Like he ever had one.

On the upside, that's gotten rid of one of the perpetual thorns in My side and frees up some time for pets that I actually like. Thank goodness.
The idiot wanker apparently gambled away all his money on pay-day, despite all the debt he had already accrued by attempting to ignore My demands. That's too bad for him, as he is fast approaching the drop-dead line for either a payment towards his hideous debt or the delivery of more blackmail evidence.
Or I could call it the drop-to-dole line, as this will fuck over his job prospects? Though you don't get the dole if you're fired for cause in the UK, do you? Somebody check on that for Me.
Or maybe he'll even get arrested. Oh, I can hardly wait!

Any London, UK residents willing to watch the blotter sheets and report back to Me? I can supply names and locations.

I am practically vibrating with glee as it gets closer and closer to that moment of truth. I can hardly wait to push the button, so I'm spending My time gloating about it. I almost think I should feel sorry for him, as getting emails like the following can't be good for his mental health. Then again, he's the one who decided to dip into the company till, so he deserves every bit of pain he gets.

To: idiot wanker
From: The woman who is now your GOD
Subject: How do you think I should write your boss?

Should I approach him saying that I have some information and wait for him to return contact?
Should I just forward him your emails with no explanation?
Maybe I should write a long explanatory email with an description of your peculiar little fetish and choice pieces of our IM transcripts?
Hm. . . the possibilities are so varied and interesting. . . it's hard to choose just one, they're all just too fun for words.

Have I told you how happy the prospect of destroying you makes Me, worm? It's such a wonderful feeling. It's like revenge and Christmas morning all mixed up together.

I'm going to enjoy pushing that button, shitstain. I'm going to savor it.

I guess you could deprive Me of that joy by sending that stupid picture I asked for [full face shot with specific sign]. Though you're too cowardly to do that, I would imagine. And so I'll get to destroy you just like I've been hoping to for ages and ages.

It's a good day.

-Ms. C

And it is. Why did I ever hesitate?
I feel predatory, like I should rip something apart with My teeth, feel the tearing flesh and warm blood in My mouth. It may be a deliciously hard time for those of you who decide to contact Me this evening.
So let's see, since last I logged on, things have been more of the same. Super-busy with school, still working on getting 100% moved into the new place, discovering that sometimes having this much clothes is a total pain in the ass. I bought a new wardrobe and a new dresser to make up for the fact that the closets are tiny, and stuff still barely fits.
Maybe I should start selling off some of the stuff that I don't wear as much anymore. I know I've got some seriously stinky shoes that don't get worn much. So much work, though, so I'll just get around to it when I have the time (ha! Like I've got spare time!).

Most boys are being either stupid or busy, though one is being a good little pet. The new pantyhose are nice, and the tights are perfect. When they say “Ultra Soft,” Capezio means it. I'd forgotten just how lovely and comfy they were. I know they're going to get a lot of use this winter. Despite My bitching about not having enough room in the dresser and wardrobe, I totally need to work on some updates to My wardrobe for winter. Several of My nice slinky sweaters bit the dust last year due to overwearing, so I'm kind of shy on warm tops that don't look a frumpy. I've got enough stored up in My Amazon.com giftcard balance, but I'm saving that up for a biggie purchase that will probably make some of you boys lose your minds.

In other news:
Discovered that we've got a lot more space than we thought in the dining room, so I may make a weekend project of constructing a big cat tree for our spoiled kitty. I want it to be just so, very stable and very easy for Mr. Hip Dysplasia to climb, with at least a couple of hammocks and some hiding nooks. It's going to be entirely custom to fit perfectly into the corner and take full advantage of the tall windows – so awesome!
If you're feeling like making Me really happy right now, a Lowe's gift card would probably be just the thing. Or you can always grab something from My wishlist, that's always appreciated. Or just send Me cash!

The idiot wanker has again proved his idiocy, hiding when his payment was due and hoping I'd conveniently “forget.” Sorry, dumbass, but the only thing you did by hiding was triple this week's debt. I'm curious to see how he'll manage to scrape up all the money he now owes Me from last week's payment and now this week's late payment. I'm going to start forwarding documentation to his boss in the early pm on Monday. Won't that be a shitty way to start the week, getting fired and possibly arrested?

Little leotarded has a total lack of self-control when it comes to Me and when it comes to his dick. A couple weeks ago I tried to get him to go one whole night without an orgasm after watching Me on cam. I considered having him duct-tape his cock down, but I figured I should be nice at first. So he went to bed wearing 4 pairs of underwear (looked like a diaper and apparently smelled like one too, since a couple pairs were dirty), then jeans on top of that. And he still couldn't last the night. No self-control, none at all.
I've got more clothing coming in the mail – and he's trying to keep from cumming so that he can get his mystery reward. Anybody want to bet a buck that he'll be able to make it? Yeah, not Me. I got him to get on cam after writing on “property of Mistress Chesh” on his belly and “leash” on his cock – nice snapshots, leotarded! Did your roommate see any of the writing?

Sand-puppy either needs to get better internet or find someplace where his sister won't keep walking in on him. Promises don't mean anything if you don't follow through.
(Poor sucker still lives at home with a family that thinks he's a very good boy. he's a stinking filthy dog.)

And I'm finally upgrading My internet, just as soon as I decide between cable and high-speed DSL. The wireless isn't terrible, but it seems ridiculous to go from great upload/download speeds to nada whenever we have a heavy rain. It's the Pacific Northwest, for pity's sake! It rains 7 months out of the year!
So if I'm letting you watch Me on cam, let me know politely when the feed stops. It's as likely that My ISP is cockblocking you as it is that I'm cockblocking you.

Anyway, enough time spent on blogging, I've got to get back to work.

Too much fun

  • 18:04 I think Versace Woman will be My new signature fragrance (or possibly Delice de Cartiers). #


Too much fun

  • 12:43 Oops, wishlist is getting crazy long again. And I haven't even added all the manga I want yet. #


State of the Kitty

So, news from the evil kitty. . .

I'm having nasty issues with either allergies or a mild sinus infection or a nasty head cold. Totally can't tell – it's all head pain and snot and fever and fatigue. Of course this has to happen right before a big important presentation, of course. Blarg.

Also, NF is *still* down, and boo for that. I know they're working as hard as they can to get it back up and running, but it's really annoying to be without it for so long. I keep thinking of trying My luck on the beta site, but so many flirts have had issues with weird shit like availability changes being impossible or staying listed as “available” even when they're on the phone. . . don't want to deal with it. I'd only be using it for the cam ignore line while I study, and that is not the biggest money-maker, so totally not worth the trouble.

Thieving idiot wanker is still a pissy little bitch with terrible spelling, but at least now he's fun to torment.

The puppy that's totally leotarded for Me found My yahoo group. I figure since he's actually served Me (unlike the endless parade of wankers trying to get in without doing a damn thing), so I approved him. Unfortunately, not as much content in the group as I'd like – the endless parade of wankers got to the point where I just started ignoring the group entirely, as nobody of any use was actually interested in it. So once the giant presentation of doom is finished, I'm totally going to be taking more cute photos and uploading some files to the group. Some of the content in the group is duplicated in various sets and assignments available on NiteFlirt, but much of the new stuff is going to be 100% exclusive to the group. And how do you get Me to let you in? Serve. Serve well and consistently with tributes of cash and/or gifts. And it's not a permanent membership – it's only valid for as long as you're a valid little member of My favored boys. So if you do get in, don't rest on your laurels, piggie. Still, it is a most excellent little perk of service – when I take new photosets I think I'll start posting teaser pics here to get some of you lurkers motivated.

Speaking of leotarded puppy, he's been fun lately. I got a ridiculously hot little gold leotard (super-shiny), but the damn thing went all spotty the first time I washed it! I'm returning it as defective and being super-careful with the new one; too bad it will take a while for them to ship the replacement, though. It'll be wicked for photosets – the shine makes My ass look absolutely amazing. Too much for him to handle, apparently. Sent to bed wearing 4 sets of tighty whities just to make it harder to wank, and he still manages to disappoint? I think he may have to save up for a chastity device on top of the presents he's buying for Me. Desperation breeds the best sort of service, after all.

The idiot arab dog has gone missing. Where are you doggie? Did you sister not buy the excuse that you were confused when you were praying to Me in the West? Or are you afraid I'll make you eat bacon? If you don't have some cash clutched in your slobbery doggie jaws when you get back, I'm afraid you'll have to be excommunicated.

Hmm. . . I should make sure to take some gifties pics when they arrive. I keep getting so excited to open the boxes that I forget to photograph them, whoops! Until next time, wankers.